dotNet Sniffer Win32 2.0: dotNet Sniffer uses the .NET profiler API to save assemblies loaded from memory.

dotNet Sniffer Win32 2.0

dotNet Sniffer 2 uses the .NET profiler API to save assemblies loaded from memory. Once a module is handled by the .NET Framework, dotNet Sniffer saves it to disc if it was loaded from memory. Some tools are changing the module (decrypt methods ...) after loading; dotNet Sniffer allows you to save the module again during the execution of the first method (JIT). The profiler will be active only for the process to start; installing dotNet Sniffer will

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DotNetNuke Live Help Module 1.0: Integrate DotNetNuke with Free Live Help Chat Software.

DotNetNuke Live Help Module 1.0

DotNetNuke Live Help Module provides an easy solution to integrate 123 Live Help with DotNetNuke website. You could add a Live Help Button in your website instantly, which gurantees operators to offer live Support to online users. Features of Free DotNetNuke Live Help Chat: 1) Live Support Chat Solution empowers your website with Video Chat, Monitor & Track Traffic on Site, Admin Management,Statistics Analysis, Optional Skins, etc. DotNetNuke Live

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Free DotNetNuke IM of 123 Web Messenger 1.0: Add a Free Instant Messaging of 123 Web Messenger for DotNetNuke (DNN).

Free DotNetNuke IM of 123 Web Messenger 1.0

DotNetNuke Instant Messaging (IM) Module named web-based Friend List DotNetNuke IM, and with it, webmaster will be assist to integrate DNN website Database with 123 Web Messenger easily, and add a FREE instant messaging software into DotNetNuke website instantly. The added DotNetNuke Web Messenger is shown as the Web-based Friend List, which can be located anywhere of your website and shown as an image button or link directly. Features of Free DNN

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dotNet Protector Win32 5.5: dotNet Protector is a powerful .NET code protection system.

dotNet Protector Win32 5.5

dotNet Protector is a powerful .NET code protection system that prevents your assemblies from being decompiled. With dotNet Protector, your application is not simply obfuscated, but method bodies are encrypted. EXE DLL, ASPNET and SQL assemblies can be protected. You can protect a whole application (main exe, referenced dlls) in a single executable. Your .NET code will run entirely from memory, without temporary disk storage. Protection can be done

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ASP.NET Image Gallery DotNetGallery 3.0: A Complete, Feature Rich, Image Gallery Program

ASP.NET Image Gallery DotNetGallery 3.0

DotNetGallery is an ASP.NET server control designed for easy displaying image galleries in the web applications. It is an easy to use, file-based, image gallery component / control. It is also a highly configurable application that automatically generates fast thumbnail indexes of a folder structure. This robust ASP.NET Image Gallery can be integrated seamlessly with your ASP.NET applications. You can use DotNetGallery to quickly devel

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DotNet (.NET) Version Check Tells you if you`ve got the required system components to run .NET applications

DotNet (.NET) Version Check

DotNET Version Checker will tell you whether you have the required components to run Microsoft .NET (dotNet) applications, and lists all the installed runtimes if present. It checks the version of MDAC (data access components), Internet Explorer and the .NET runtime and servicepacks installed on your machine, and will prompt you with download locations of the latest versions.

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KS-Gantt Control for DotNet WinForms 6.3.0: The perfect Gantt Control for DotNet Windows Forms Applications

KS-Gantt Control for DotNet WinForms 6.3.0

DotNet WinForms Applications. Extend your application with project-management capabilities with just a few lines of code. The interactive Gantt-Control comes with an easy to understand data object-model. The style and behavior can be fully customized through many properties end events. License is per developer. Royalty free distribution. Source code available. The best way to present time depending tasks is a Gantt diagram. With this Windows Forms

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DNN IM of Facebook Like Messenger  1.0: Empower DNN Website with Free Facebook Messenger Style Web Chat Bar.

DNN IM of Facebook Like Messenger 1.0

DotNetNuke and insert a free "Facebook Messenger Style Web Chat Bar" located at the bottom of your webpage with the Friends List button. Other Features of FREE Facebook Like Messenger for DotNetNuke: 1) Auto-login After the integration of DotNetNuke website Database with the 123 Web Messenger, members of website could login automatically the 123 Web Messenger without re-enter username and keywords. 2) FREE Integration Service and Integration Manual

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DotNetResourcesExtract 1.01: Extract embedded resources from .NET applications.

DotNetResourcesExtract 1.01

DotNetResourcesExtract is a small utility that scan dll/exe files of .NET applications, and extract all .NET embedded resources (Bitmaps, Gifs, HTML files, and so on) stored in them into the folder that you specify.

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phdcc.ContactForm 1.0.7: phdcc.ContactForm is a simple contact form module for DotNetNuke sites

phdcc.ContactForm 1.0.7

phdcc.ContactForm is a simple contact form module for DotNetNuke sites, in particular offering customisation to offer categories of contact, each with one or more recipient email addresses. All the form text can be customised and localised. The appearance can be configured by altering the module.css stylesheet.

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